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The Antares-Xpansion package, works along with RTE's adequacy software Antares that is also hosted on github. Antares-Xpansion aims at performing investment simulations for Antares studies. Check out the Antares-Simulator documentation for more insights on Antares.

Antares-Xpansion optimizes the investments on new capacities and transmission lines for an Antares study. Typical uses of Antares-Xpansion are for example:

  • long-term scenario building: build an economically consistent long-term generation mix,
  • transmission expansion planning : compute the network development which maximizes social welfare.

Antares study

In an Antares study, the user builds a power system with a network of zones characterised by power plants (with their constraints e.g. max power and costs), power consumption and power transfer between zones (with the import-export transfer capacity and costs).

Antares performs probabilistic simulations of the system throughout many year-long scenarios made of 8760 hourly time frames each. The goal of the Antares simulation is to minimize the expected operation cost during one year.

Antares-Xpansion simulation

Given an Antares simulation the user can define some investment candidates in the power network in order to:

  • (increase or create) the transfer capacity between areas,
  • (increase or create) the maximum power of a generation facility.

Each investment candidate can potentially decrease the variable operational cost of the power system, but induces an additional investment annuity that includes:

  • Annualized investment costs to physically build the facility,
  • Fixed operational costs and maintenance costs to sustain the operation.

Goal of Antares-Xpansion

Antares-Xpansion optimizes the investments in order to minimize the global cost, which is the sum of the expected operation cost during one year and the investment annuity.

Antares-Xpansion is currently under development. Feel free to submit any issue.